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Dirt. A Blank Canvas

One thing I knew I wanted to create during the pandemic was a garden for my family in Ohio. Cole and I had so much fun creating this custom country-chic vegetable and flower garden. It was a whole family affair. My parents kept bringing items and materials we could repurpose as planters. My sister and her husband helped build the garden gate to help keep the chickens, dogs, and other animals out. Whenever family came to visit, it always included a tour of the garden out back and to see what was developing.

It was fun to create a story even if it wasn't on a stage. Working with the soil daily whether it was tending the plants, harvesting produce, pulling weeds, or just having a mediation moment really helped give me purpose in these crazy times. I'm so proud of our garden, like I grew carrots and they tasted AMAZING! I've discovered that a small plot of land is something I look forward to, even if it is a window box outside of my New York City apartment window.




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