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The Gilded Age

Caleb made his HBO Max Co-Star debut in The Gilded Age! You can find him throughout Season One of the series performing his footman duties in the Russell Household. (Keep an eye out for him in the dining room always behind the fabulous Carrie Coon!)

This was truly an amazing experience that began as an audition in February 2020. (Caleb had to serve tea to the casting director!) Etiquette classes started in March 2020, but were quickly halted due to the pandemic. Luckily shooting picked back up in October, which brought Caleb all over New York filming to massive backlots & soundstages. He even spent a month in Newport, Rhode Island shooting on location at the beautiful mansions.

The American Gilded Age was a period of immense economic change, of great conflict between the old ways and brand new systems, and of huge fortunes made and lost. Against the backdrop of this transformation, HBO’s The Gilded Age begins in 1882 with young Marian Brook moving from rural Pennsylvania to New York City after the death of her father to live with her thoroughly old-money aunts, Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook.

Accompanied by Peggy Scott, an aspiring writer seeking a fresh start, Marian inadvertently becomes enmeshed in a social war between one of her aunts, a scion of the old-money set, and her stupendously rich neighbors, a ruthless railroad tycoon and his ambitious wife, George and Bertha Russell. Exposed to a world on the brink of the modern age, will Marian follow the established rules of society, or forge her own path?

The Gilded Age is a co-production between HBO and Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group. Creator/writer/executive producer, Julian Fellowes; executive producer, Gareth Neame; director/executive producer, Michael Engler; executive producer, David Crockett; director/executive producer Salli Richardson-Whitfield; and writer/co-executive producer, Sonja Warfield.


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